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Active Physio is located in Westville Country Club linked with the Cadence Cycling and Core Junction Fitness. A stone’s throw away are the beautiful Eco Trails, Olive and Oil and many more facilities. Safe parking is readily available.

Active Physio Appointment

Running Analysis

Active Physio has extensive experience with runners. This Running Analysis is a detailed assessment involving a video analyses, muscle length and strength testing as well as endurance. A detailed program, along with the Running Analysis findings, is given for home rehabilitation as well as some suggestions to improve running technique for improved performance and biomechanics.

Running Analysis

Cycling Analysis

This involves a detailed musculoskeletal assessment for muscle length and strength testing. Special attention is for the back and neck as well as knee position while cycling. The findings, along with a home rehabilitation program, is given for self management.

cycling analysis

Sports Events

Active Physio is available for pre – strapping for sporting events. If a physio is needed at your event, please contact us to see if we can help out. Strapping can be done in the rooms and good – quality strapping is available to buy.

Active Physio Sport Event


Active Physio has a great range of Aonijie trail gear and physio products. Check out the Shop tab here for more information.


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