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Posterior Tibialis: The Unusual Suspect

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Medial (inside) Ankle Pain If you have experienced inside calf, ankle and foot pain, posterior tibialis tendonopathy may be the culprit! This is often misdiagnosed or missed out completely. Yet it is a common structure that is irritated particularly in running - due to the biomechanics. Posterior Tibialis Anatomy It is important to understand

Calf Pain: prevention and recovery

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Calf Pain Calf pain. Strain. Spasm. NOT AGAIN!!! This is a condition which, in my physio experience, often re-occurs. Despite runners resting, reducing their mileage, stretching, rehabilitating and then (maybe) attending a physio...a few runs later - BAM! Same calf. Same pain. Back to square one. And HUGE frustration!! How can we break this

Comrades: Top 10 Early Training Tips

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Comrades Training Tip no. 1 Pick a qualifying marathon This will give you a clear goal for your training. Allow enough time that you can properly train for your marathon. Depending on whether you want to "cruise" it or "race" it, plan accordingly. Here is a comprehensive list from Runner's Guide of all the

Restless Legs: an alternative to medication

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Symptoms of Restless Leg Syndrome Restless Leg Syndrome: Condition characterised by nearly irresistible urge to move legs, typically in the evening. Defined as a sleeping disorder. A really good friend of mine, Kerryn, told me about her story with restless leg syndrome and how she has found an easy, affordable solution to resolve her

Achilles Tendonopathy

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Achilles Tendonopathy: a cautionary note Achilles Tendonopathy is a common injury, especially amongst distance runners. Firstly, I want to say that I would strongly suggest if you suspect that you have Achilles Tendonopathy, and it hasn't settled within a few weeks, seek out a Physiotherapist to assess and diagnose your condition. The reason I

Plantar Fasciitis: A fresh perspective

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Plantar fasciitis can be a debilitating condition for runners. It is pain that is experienced typically underneath the foot (or feet) on the in - step usually with weight - bearing activities. There are many different treatment approaches, as a quick "Google search" will tell you. Therefore, as a Physiotherapist and an avid runner,